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Saw my first knee MD about 21 yrs ago at age 57 for creaking knee. I kept going for all those years and now it's gotten worse and no thanks to "hip surgery in 2010".

I'd like to hear how you are dealing with this. I'm NOT dying to do a surgery. Hip replacement surgery made the knee all worse anyway and deal with a lot of nerve damage from "THAT" surgery. So a lot of complications. I'd LIKE to hear **Personal Stories** on what you are doing with this issue. I have 2 personal friends who did replacements and one is having a lot of aggrevating issues with a lot of pain and on many drugs. The other friend still has a lot of pain.

Right now I'm seeing a D.O. who is doing Prolo injections and HA injections. He talks about the bone on bone and doesn't know how much he can do with this least expensive type of prolo. There are other forms of Prolo (PRP and Stem cells) priced from $850 up to $1650 per injection session.

One MD I hear talk about this bone on bone says: as long as on one can BEND their knees with good ease, there is cartlidge there. I bend my knee(s) with ease and no pain. But walking is tough.

Your stories, what do you do or have done? Personal Stories Please.
After 2 years of having a knee that bent and moved freely when just moving it through the air, but excruciating pain if i bent it at all with weight on it, I switched to a new physical therapist (many issues after massive car accident) who "cured" my knee in one half hour session. The problem was not in my knee at all. It was coming from my back. She did her myofascial release-whatever else stuff to straighten out the associated part of my back, and the knee stopped hurting. AFTER TWO YEARS OF HAVING TO WALK WITH IT LOCKED STRAIGHT AND ONE-LEGGING IT UP STAIRS AND FOUR KNEE SPECIALIST ORTHOPEDISTS AND TWO BACK DOCTORS AND A PHYSIATRIST AND SEVERAL PHYSICAL THERAPISTS. Considering your hip replacement history and all the problems from that, it could very well be that the problem is NOT your knee itself, but all of the other physical problems and mis-alignments coming from the rest of you. Don't know how you find the right physical therapist, other than the one I use has training in all sorts of other aspects of pt, especially the myofascial release stuff, and looks at the whole person, not just the joint causing problems.

(When talking with her about this once, she said that many doctors miss, or won't even consider, something like this as a cause of knee pain. She's even seen people who got knee replacements, then still lived in pain, because--the problem was never the knee itself to begin with. But a PT can't diagnose, and can't give medical advice, and orthopedic surgeons can be, well, arrogant, shall we say?, and their business is surgery, after all. I have been seeing her so long that we have conversations as friends, all hypothetical, of course, so as to not cross professional boundaries.)
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