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Thanks for your words and I agree. But my knee started to bother me 21 yrs ago and hip replacement made it all worse with leg coming out shorter. So the stress of it all with the shorter leg, OA back and so it's all connected for me as well.

I'm seeing a DC/DO at a clinic and they are doing their best to keep me walking. The DO does Prolo injections and also his bodywork. The DC has me on equipment and does a little bodywork too. Body at 78 got more messed up with hip job.

I talk to many who did the knee replacement and some having hard times with the surgery, some are a little better but still have pain. So, it's all so hard with decisions etc.

Life can sure beat us up and we let it. Thinking we're doing ourselves good. Look at all the athletes and their messes.
OA onset at 18, now 79. Fibro onset at 61, Hip Replacement "mess" 72 (nerve damage, IT band damage, shorter leg). Otherwise, pretty good health.

Most important supplement: grape seed extract
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