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Question Not sure what I have

I have a few issues I'd like some input on.
I'm pretty sure I have some neurological issues.
All of my symptoms started at the same time, about 18 months ago, within a week of having some dental work done and within 6 weeks of ceasing smoking.

Initially I suffered a massive hit, 5 days in bed, fatigue, headaches, very cold hands feet, hot face, headzaps( an ex ssri symptom (yet had not been on them for years) very strong irritability, almost like a mild akathisia, I had balance issues, working memory issues, headaches, restless legs, weakened my voice, dandruff, irregular heartbeat and noticed some fine action tremors and shakiness especially when fatigued (which was quite often initially)
I also suffered constipation, massive myoclonic jerks while sleep transitioning.
It also caused me some anxiety!

Within 6 months I developed symptoms of autoimmune arthritis (sore fingers, ankles, nocturnal neuropathy)/ sjogrens(dry nose/sometimes eyes, mouth is ok)/ possibly lupus ( but bloods show nothing at this stage)

I still stumble around in the dark (balance) and I have a weird sort of tremor (very slight) that I get in slightly tensed muscles
eg: when my fingers are extended /straightened they make lateral movements.
My abdominals shake whilst "doing" a sit up
My shoulders shake if leaning on something with one arm
I also have a very rapid (20-30hz)(left-right) tremor in my neck but ONLY when I tense my neck muscles quite hard(perhaps this is normal)

The most concerning observation is that some of my muscles shake when I'm "releasing" them

eg1, if someone twists my forearm and wrist gently- and I oppose it -there is a definite jerkiness to the movement, it's only during the opposing movement.

eg2, sitting on chair, toe pressed into ground, heel is elevated. As I drop the heel the movement is jerky not smooth.

eg3, if I smile slowly in the mirror (lol, as an example) the onset of the smile is smooth, when I release the smile the movement is jerky, has little steps in it)

Even some of my inward breaths have a jerkiness to them

I make smooth muscle movements when I am contracting muscles, it's when I release or oppose movements that the jerkiness is evident.

I have thought about essential tremor but if I do the classic hands in front of face test my hands are dead steady.
If I point at an object my fingers are very steady.

Sometimes I feel like I have less coordination than normal but it's hard to quantify,I struggle to type quickly, I take a while to think of words, there is a cognitive delay sometimes, I often over react to stimulus, eg Ill reach out to grab my computer mouse whilst looking at the screen and I'll touch it earlier than expected, react and then move my hand miles too far.

I've seen a neurologist about the fasciculations in my feet but have not had a diagnosis yet. I took a well documented set of symptoms to him and I think he thinks I'm "just paranoid". Obviously I'm not comfortable with this sudden onset of control issues but I'm fairly sure they are not caused by anxiety/paranoia.

Here is an example of the Fasciculations on the soles of my feet
makes this post a bit pointless.

I have no tremors at rest
I have no loss of power
It seems to be the smaller muscles rather than the larger muscles that have this jerky release pattern and especially those in the core, if I breath in and out using my stomach I have a definite jerkiness.

I have done an eyes closed stand on one leg - balance test, the results vary, a lot, sometimes I can do this for 5 seconds, other times I can go for 45 secs. So its sporadic, something changes this.

there are also a few moments when I get what I'll call random myoclonus. I'll be standing or sitting somewhere and my hand wrist or arm will just move, ever so slightly. during these times is when my balance is poor.

Can anyone relate to this grouping of symptoms ? I know they aren't the worst things in the world but the jerkiness when I release a muscle seems to be getting worse

Can anyone relate to this grouping of symptoms ?
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