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Originally Posted by mrsD View Post
I have attended 2 chronic pain medical seminars in the past 5 yrs, that lasted a whole day. Fibro was included in both.

Dr. Clauw, MD is a national expert on the subject and I learned much from his presentations.

Here is a link to a Q & A interview with him. In it is an explanation as to his opinion that tender points are not really very significant clinically.

This Month’s Expert: Daniel J. Clauw, M.D. Diagnosis and Non-Drug Management of Fibromyalgia | Psych Central Professional

I suggest you read the whole article. I was very impressed with him...he is an empathetic doctor and brilliant as well IMO. You can also Google him, and find more information. He is a very generous man and gives lots of interviews and shares newest research.

Dr. Clauw mentioned in our seminar that normal people who don't have fibro also have tender points. Because of this he suggested that this criteria be discontinued as necessary for a fibro diagnosis.
Thank you for clarifying. That confirms the diagnosis.

It's funny because earlier today I came across one of Dr Clauw's talks on youtube while on a major google binge. Chronic Pain - Is it All in Their Head

I haven't watched it yet but will. Thank you for the article. His statement that "exercise is the best drug for fibro" is so true for me. It has a huge effect on the way I feel.
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