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I've had Fibro for 20 years. It's difficult to really tell you food because it depends if you have IBS, or other issues that accompany Fibro. I spent 18 years on all different meds. I finally got off everything, and I feel better.
Foods to avoid seem to be the same for everything.....chocolate, alcohol, sodas, caffeine, sugar, spicy foods etc. I've chased 'snake oil' treatments, herbs, alternative treatments, homeopathic etc. There's no magic cure and there's no cure that works for everyone. What works for me, might be horrible for you.
My next advice.....listen to your doctor, if you trust him. Keep a food diary so you can document what you eat and its effects. Manage stress, exercise, meditate and just enjoy life. Take the little pleasures in life. A psychologist told me, on my bad days, if all I feel like doing is watching Netflix and playing computer games on my IPad, then DO it! Take each day as it comes because you don't know how you'll feel each morning. Take comfort in friends.
Good luck.
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