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Default Such sensations--

--are very common among those with dysfunctional nerves, whether from compression of the spinal nerve roots or from more peripheral causes. And, one can have more than one issue contributing to it; there is a phenomenon known as "double crush" in which nerves already compromised by some systemic cause, such as glucose dysregulation, then gets compressed and produces symptoms seemingly more than the sum of the parts.

Odd sensations caused by spinal problems can be exactly the same as those caused by more peripheral causes. They can run the gamut from pulses, jolts, burning pain, numbness, tingles, or several of these combined--as individual as the person.

It does seem, though, that you are at a very early stage into investigation into this. You were told you have mild disc degenerative disease--which IS very common--but has it progressed to nerve compression? Have you had any imaging for that lately? Other tests to determine blood sugars, other metabolic issues?

There are so many neuropathy causes that a while ago one of our board stalwarts here tried to put together a comprehensive list of tests that one might need to try to determine a cause--they can still be found here:

Liza Jane's Neuro Lab Sheets

You might want to look this over and see what you've had (and always keep copies of test results). The format is also a good one to track results over time, to see if there are discernable patterns.
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