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Originally Posted by Jo*mar View Post
He could try to give an extra push to try to get it all out..

But I think drs kind of like to rx stuff , to try to "help"
but sometimes it just creates more visits to the dr...

As long as he is going fine and no swelling , bloating, strong color or smells.. why worry.. but that is just my opinion..

I hear you. I just questioned him and he said "that's exactly what I do after I pee, I give a push". I said 'THANK GOD"

Not that this means anything but it's one less thing I have to worry about till December 21 when he goes back to the urologist.

This man has been though so much, with falls, trips to ER, getting a TURP, his neuropathy, his full body psoriasis, etc. Never saw such a thing in all my life. And the other night (we have side rails on each of our beds, BEST thing I ever installed....but he got up in the middle of the night to reach for his urinal and I hear him go 'oh" I said 'What happened' he said "I fell"

I jumped out of bed and said "Where did you fall, there's no room for you to fall in between our beds" He had ALMOST fallen because it's so dark in the middle of the night.

What did Melody do the next day?" Bought a lamp, hooked it on the little snack table that's between the beds (but against the back wall), I have the lamp (it has a twisting thing), I have it facing downwards toward the floor with all illumination and last night I put it on and Alan goes 'oh wow, what a great idea"!!! Cost me all of $10.00 at the local store.

Thank god I can think of these things. With him it's all about prevention.

I aim to prevent catastrophe!!! lol

Thanks very much




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