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Default Need Expert in TBI/Multiple Chemical Sensitivity for SS

My son had several TBIs age 10-15. (35 years ago) He developed endless TBI symptoms including gastro sensitivities and disabling reactions to many foods, pollens, mold, chemicals, etc.

I have finally applied for SS for him as being disabled before he was 22. He was granted SSI as an adult, we are appealing for the special category before age 22. The Judge wanted an expert witness to review the case to help him decide the case.

I need to find a Dr to review the record and write a supporting expert statement. I'm overwhelmed, not sure what is most important. I thought he had MCS until the SS Neuropsychologist said the TBI caused the MCS and said he was impaired by the TBI- memory problems & executive function.

The original grant was for the memory/executive function making work impossible. That he can't risk exposures in public places and years of severe allergy diagnosis stating they disabled him was ignored did surprise me. He can't be out of bed for long, many headaches, pain, fatigue, insomnia.

Has anyone else used an expert? Any names I could vet? Judge needs by end of January.
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