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Default Might need a new tablet

Hi all. I presently have a Kindle Fire 2nd gen 7 inch model. No cameras, just a Kindle Fire. Has served me well over 4 years.

While I like it, it's slow and the apps don't load up like they used do. Been thinking about getting a new tablet. Been saving up. The one that I can afford (and because I'm used to a KF) is the 8 inch Kindle Fire. Comes with two cameras and it's bigger than the one I have now and it's only $89.00 on Amazon

Here are some dumb questions from me.

1. Right now, when I go for coffee, I take my Kindle Fire 2nd gen and they have wi fi in the place and I go on FB, get my email and read any books that I have on my present KF. I'm used to using this model and that's why I'd like the same kind.
Can I do the exact same thing with the 8 inch model?

2. I looked at the specs and it says
"does not support connecting to ad-hoc (or peer-to-peer) Wi-Fi networks"

I have no idea what this means. I tried researching it but all the comments are about using the kindle with their smartphones and I don't know what they are talking about. What the heck are they talking about?

This 8 inch model is only $89.00 The 10 inch is $229.00.
I can afford $89.00. 16 gs. I don't need 32 (I don't even know what this means anyway)

And can I sync up what I now have on my present Kindle Fire 7 with a newer 8 inch model. Like the books I have on the cloud and whatever other apps I have on the cloud?

So if you can find the time to answer these stupid questions of mine, I'd appreciate it.

I just want to go on youtube, get email, read my books and see my friend's FB posts. That's about all I need.,And if my laptop ever dies, I can use the KF 8 inch temporarily until I can afford a new laptop.

Thanks to anyone who can simplify my life. I don't need big things or special effects to be happy. Just my one hour in the morning at my local coffee shop and then it's back home and I take care of Alan.




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