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Default baby newly diagnosed with type one

Need some help because I am in rehab facility after being hit by car.

Trying to help my friend. Her two year old granddaughter' s blood sugar was over 400 when they brought her to hospital about five days ago. They had no clue she was TYPE ONE.

She went into diabetic meticulous and they finally got her sugar down to 250.

She is on lantus and another kind. They sent her home. Seems last night her blood sugar went to over 400 again. They don't understand why this is happening. They don't understand what is going on in her body. They are scared out of their minds.

I wish I could help but I have type two. And I am stuck in this rehab place.

Can you please explain why a baby's blood sugar can go to over 400? They just want to know what they are dealing with.

Thanks much




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