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Originally Posted by MelodyL View Post
Wait till you hear this. Seems the baby's family knows the story of another family with a baby who had very high sugar, was put on insulin and then her pancreas had to mature and after awhile the kid did not need insulin anymore.



Hi Melody,

I've been type 1 diabetic for 35 years.

Most babies have very good control of their blood glucose from birth and I'm sorry to say the situation you describe is unlikely.

If a diagnosis of diabetes has been made there should be plenty of local health services to help guide them through this difficult adjustment. They will need to take BGLs regularly and learn how to adjust the amount of short acting insulin according to how much carbohydrate (incl. sugars) is eaten. Most foods are labelled.

Incorrect insulin dosage is the most likely culprit. Too much or too little insulin can cause high bgl (although counterintuitive, too much insulin can lead to a rebound high). They should keep returning to the endocrinologist or diabetic educator until they get it right.

Other causes of high BGL are infection, illness and hormones.

Go to the ER if the BGL remains high and if they don't have the confidence to give corrective short acting doses.

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