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Default Hyperthyroid kitties - it's bad ya know

I want to share what's going on with my kitty Ba-ba since her condition is relatively common in cats 12 and older. The annual blood work requested by her vet let us know she was hyperthyroid and needs life saving treatment. Symptom-wise, hyperthyroidism in cats presents with weight loss, increased hunger and thirst and more material in the cat box.

Ba began losing weight recently which I though was from two bad teeth (now removed) but her overactive thyroid was a big contributor.

We tried the commonly given methimazole medication treatment knowing it sometimes has side effects. She did unexpectedly badly, developing pacreatitis and non-stop vomiting. My poor girl had several vet visits, blood draws, injections for nausea and sub-q fluids in one week! It was looking pretty dicey for a few days but she is recovered and eating well again (ok eating all the time, thank you thyroid).

Since she can't tolerate the med, radioactive iodine is the only option. It's superior since the condition is cured with a success rate of 95%, not just managed. Without treatment, hyperthyroidism is eventually fatal. The iodine treatment is expensive but my sweet girl nursed me lovingly through 3 operations, always senses when I am in pain and spent a year riding around on my lap in my electric scooter/chair until I could walk without assistance. We are definitely going for it. She has some years to live ahead of her.

I hope to get Ba scheduled soon, only a handful of places offer treatment so it can take a little while. Ba will have to be isolated for a few days at the vet since she'll be radioactive. So fun! Not sure how my Princess is going to handle this. Me either for that matter. But we're both stubborn so I'm sure we'll get through. Any healing thoughts sent her way are much appreciated!

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