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Thanks Kiwi,

I am very happy with our vet, they and their staff have been caring, efficient and thourough through this whole thing. Very grateful for the good care. You're right, it is the iodine 131. Thanks for the info, it will be strange waiting for her to clear enough radiation. They have to use a Geiger counter on the cats! If it weren't stressful I would find this kind of hilarious. Getting this done is a bit anxiety producing but I'm told the injection is well tolerated and works on the first try 96% of the time. Impressive! I was a little worried about hypOthyroid developing after treatment but apparently that only happens very rarely as more than a transient phenomenon in kitties. The hardest part seems to be the isolation, which will be total for the first 24 hours to keep the vet techs safe, then they give her more food and water and leave again.

Thanks for the healing thoughts. I will report back when she is treated and back home.

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