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Originally Posted by caldeb1 View Post
I was diagnosed about two years ago with perpherial neuropathy. I was diagnosed by a neurologist who did an EMG. Right after the test I developed neuroma's in both feet. After almost a year of cortisone shots and then alcohol injections I had surgery on both feet to remove the neuroma's and a achilles tear repaired. My surgery was in Feb. and currently the pain from, I guess, the neuropathy is getting unbearable. It is currently 2:00 am and I cannot get to sleep. My question is my feet are burning and itching but the most painful symptom is this feeling that my toes are being strangled and it feels like there are huge lumps in the balls of my feet. The only medication I have been on is Lyrica which I had very unpleasant side effects from. Has anyone else had this problem or have any suggestions.
I have exactly the same problem. I use Lyrica and have Capacian cream. If I wake up during the night I have great problems with the pain in the toes and pads.You sound young, I am very old so I suppose I'll have to put up with it! Good luck to you.
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