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Sending love & hugs. Benign fibroids or polyps I pray.

I bleed on occasion, rather strange really seeing as I had the total hysterectomy in 2001. Last time was in 2012 when I was under extreme stress and I think looking back the medication I was on contributed. I spoke to a GP & a specialist about it. They didn't seem to care at all. Endometriosis terminology bandied around, except I know for a fact I never had endo, it was recorded on my notes only the once by the surgeon in the UK who botched my hysterectomy, nicked the bowel twice and failed to provide adequate care. My gynea who I had for 25 years in Aus swears I never had endo and subsequent blood tests etc support that.

Originally Posted by eva5667faliure View Post
Sixth day
Still bleeding
Not feeling myself
Light headed
My hormones
Changing again
Changes again
A uncomfortable feeling
I can still remember what life was like before pain became my life long companion
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