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Default Extremely frequent need to urinate

I have a problem with frequent urination since I was at college. Back then it was mild annoyance, like maybe 10 times a day which is still above normal. Of course, I did not have UTI. Just more frequent need that normal, but that gave me anxiety.
During years it got progressed, a LOT. Now I am 44 and I go as many times as 25-30 a day. At night, I get up between 2 and even 7 or 8 times. This may look like a minor problem, but it's taking over my life. I can't even take a long walk in peace, or travel anywhere without taking care I have toilet available at all times.
I have no UTI, but I did have it several times in my life and each time it made my problem much worse. Antibiotics would take care of pain and infection pretty fast, but urgency would be unbearable. i could go all the time. It feels like urgency is even worse on antibiotics, and of course, gets worse with each UTI. I drink 2 l of water a day at least to prevent infection, also, I take very good care of hygiene, my life is so overwhelmed with stupid problem that I don't even go out and have no life except for home-work-home and I am depressed. I have no friends, no social life, no boyfriend, have stupid health problems doctors can't treat (like this one). I have been to 4 urologist, done cystoskopy which was mostly clear but showed signs of trigonitis (which is incurable), gave up coffee, exercise regularly (somehow), no improvement. I get that I am in certain age, and this could happen, but this is ridiculous. I can't have urgency 30 times a day, it's impossible to live that way and each commute is hell!
I have no diabetes, but I have anemia, which is also hard to treat, and possible RLS or some kind of neuropathy. I am very tired, it's hard to sleep or do anything with all these problems but this one is the oldest, and still no explanation or cure.
I even tried to train my bladder, almost made it to 3dcl this summer but then I got UTI in November and all that is gone. My capacity is now like 10ml or so.
I have no diagnosis or explanation, md plans to do some urodynamic tests on me. I don't know, I am tired and depressed, my neck hurts, my legs are itchy, I am alone and really fed up with everything.
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