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she apologized profusely when she came out of it and came home the next day. Ive been careful and just letting her get back to herself but I'm still on edge. I'm almost feeling like i've waited too long to say anything but I also know that if she wasn't herself and I was mad, there was no point in even having the conversation.... so now, Does she think all is well? Did I sahoot myself in the foot and have to wait for another incident?
Ahhh! I'm just tired and I want my friend to be ok.

Thankyou for the response, I really appreciate it and I will keep updating.

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You really are in quite a predicament . BTW: My Dad Italian; my Mom; Lithuanian. So you know the mix where I come from.

Not sure what to write; the only thing I can come up with at this time would be to give her the space she obviously needs. Not sure whether you are from US or a different country. There are the Comfort Inns which could give you a temporary place to stay; like for a few days or a week.

This cooling off period will hopefully work for the better in both your cases. Obviously, without wanting to admit, she needs someone who understands her physical, as well as emotional problems.

Please keep in touch as to what is developing in this relationship.

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