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Hi all.

The other day her sugar went to 580. That shocked even me. Their goal is 180 and they are happy when it's in the 300.

They asked me 'How did this happen". I read up on several articles and someone wrote; 'There might be a genetic link and perhaps earlier she was exposed to a virus or some kind of pathogen which made the body attack itself and it hit it's own pancreas, destroying islet cells and thereby making her a type one and she'll need insulin the rest of her life.

Any of you concur with this.

Also, and this is about the Lantus Pen and Humolog vials.

They asked me tonight 'how come she uses a Lantus pen but they use a vial and syringe for humalog insulin.? I looked on line and really can't find a good answer.

Anyone know why this is so. And any opinions on this is deeply appreciated.

Love all of you





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