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Originally Posted by Lilbit2004 View Post
Hello, I have been perscibed this medicine for neuropathy and for my neurofibromatosis, neurofibromatosis causes tumors everywhere to grow which hurt like crazy, itch as well. They want me on this before they do surgery to remove some, around 2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with courpel tunnel in both hands.
This medicine does help me sleep like a baby, but makes me angry , makes me so angry I snap at the littlest things and I have been on it since 3/29/17. It doesn't help the pins and needles feeling, and im still tired in the morning but that could be a combo of med and my thyroid.
I would talk to the perscribing doctor to see if there is anything else they are able to do without the harsh side effects like anger.
Do not stop taking this medicine without talking to a dr first and if you decide to stop without consent, slowly taper off like for one week take regular dose, then next week take half dose, and the following week take half dose, then the week after take every other night before bed then stop. But my advice is to talk to the doctor first.
He will get through this, you will too. Just stay by his side, if at all possible secretly voice record his outbursts of anger and play them for the dr so he or she knows whats going on.
God bless you

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