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Hi Kiwi
Thank you so much for this information - I'm at the point of desperation after 18 months of increasing leg, lumbar spine and shoulder pain. I'm into week five of going to a private, supposedly 'specialist', back clinic (have given up on the Public Health system here in regard to pain investigation & management - it's under-resourced and overloaded). The private back clinic so far has only covered the basics - mostly stuff I've already been doing for the last 15 years - eg this week's 20 min session was about 'pacing'. I'm reaching the conclusion it's glorified physiotherapy and not much else.

I'm about to place another order with iherb so will look into adding some Taurine for a trial - If it helps with the pain I wonder if NZ customs would let me import future supplies direct from your supplier ? I'll also have to research its compatibility with the glucocorticoids I take for Addison's and I suppose I should run it by the endocrinologist - I've yet to tell them that the Gabapentin they put me on back in April was ineffective - had to give up the 100mg dose after 20 days due to side effects.
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