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Originally Posted by mrsD View Post
Our nervous system is comprised of two types of nerves,

1) Brain and spinal cord (inside the spine) are the Central nervous system.

2) The nerves in the body outside the spinal cord and brain are called peripheral.

The PN forum discusses mostly the Peripheral Nervous system.

The optic nerve is a part of the central nervous system. It is a cranial nerve.

However the eye lids, and tear forming glands are peripheral.

Optic nerve - Wikipedia

Peripheral nervous system - Wikipedia
There are small fibers in the ophthalmic branch of the TN nerve. This is what likely differentiates the ATN (type 2) people (like me) from the TN (type 1) people. I had to go on pubmed to find this. I had burning in my eye and paresthesias up my optic nerve branch the first year of my condition.
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