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Originally Posted by mrsD View Post
Here is a good link;
Notice that the blood sugars for little kids are higher than for adults.

Normal Blood Sugar Levels Chart for Young Children

Hyperness (excitement states) and illness seem to me to be
possible culprits.

The mother could test every 15 minutes when getting a high reading to see how long it lasts to see if it is temporary or not.

Hi. Mrs. D. I don't get email notifications if anyone replies to my initial post so I came back here and wanted to update all of you. The baby spikes to 480, the doctor raised her Lantus to 4 units once a day. Then (this happened today). She was napping, her mother took her BS and it was 42. Right away she gave her two cookies and this tube of sugar thing so it would go higher. It took 30 minutes and it reached 78. Then it went to 180 and I don't know what it is now. She's sleeping. These lows happen all the time. The team wants her on the Omnipod. They have it in the house but the mom has to go for training and she hasn't done it yet. I believe she feels comfortable (right now), to continue testing and resolving it the way she does. The baby is almost 2 now. Just wanted to update. I have another question about diabetes that I'm going to post on a separate thread.



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