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I was lucky enough to see one of top urologists at Johns Hopkins (my neurologist there sets up things for me). Whether guy did it (he did nothing specific I remember but I really liked him) or I was already turning a corner, but my UTI from Hell (as I called it) went away and years later have not had one since (I think this was timing and luck and right antibiotic).

I have MS and bladder control is a big component. As the years went by, things changed (for the better! (I do Kegals but really don't know if this affects things.)
I wear Poise Pads 24/7 to take away any fears. I drink water and liquids all day and feel this is good. Find a urologist you have faith in. I'd seen others previously, thought them not great and never went to them again. I think this is just the way it went for me. Just set up up best way you can.

Like with my twins and dog, keep myself on an approximate schedule of stuff. Sometimes things mustvary and change, but I try to roll with the punches! Have not found any magic answers or pills - just do what I can.
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