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Default And a memory I wish...

I could have seen it as I do now
I was young
And at that time in the early Seventies
Prosthetic hardware such as one my father would be using
An amputee as a young man and put him in life long depression and it never a issue seeing him with a missing leg
But my point
The leg he had to wear was manican like
Carved wood moulded plastic
He called it his wooden leg
He would put a special sock on the stumps and put it in a hollow opening then wrapped a belt around his waist

And here is the story I'm ashamed of today
Even though he was mental sickness and physical trials I did not understand

I was young and he took me my best friend and her sister and boyfriend
My father was drunk but happy drunk
I was not comfortable as he did not like that my girlfriends sister and boyfriend were kissing
A no no
Back to a hand I should have extended
He took us ice skating
And he decided he was going to ice skate
I was so embarrassed begging my mother to pick me up crying like a baby
Never until thinking about it today
Rather then help him try to skate hold his hand I was thinking about myself
Not how all he wanted was to have fun and I should have extended my hands out to him
He had the nerve to put them on and have some fun that not what I did or felt
And I'm sorry for that
So sorry
someone who cares
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