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Default Nice to meet you Anne

My name is Debi and I'm also a caregiver to my 86 year old mother with dementia. I also live in Georgia.

I'm surprised your mom hasn't already been approved but I shouldn't be surprised I guess.

Your message hit me right between the eyes ! My mom is currently on home Hospice care. The Hospice DOCTOR drove up in my driveway last week and wanted to see my mom. She lives in an addition build onto my home. Evidently they are getting stricter here in West Georgia on Home Hospice Patients.

My mom was approved for Hospice last year due to her COPD. It's amazing but she is not on oxygen. Coughs like she's going to hack up a lung but her blood oxygen level is always 95 or higher which is extremely rare. She was 106lbs but over the last 2 years has gone down to 68/72. They approved her for 60 more days but because she's not losing weight anymore and she's not on oxygen I fear they will release her (nurse's opinion when she visited).

I'm also not sure what I'm going to do.
Hospice is there to help when she is impacted (yuk), needs pain meds refilled, bathe her and wash her hair every week and so on. You know what I mean.

I'm so sorry you are going through this. My mom is not to the point your mom is and I just don't understand how they can just 'dump' these patients who have come to rely on them as well as their family members. I'm 55 and disabled and cannot do the things they do for her.

I don't know of any Home Health Services that will even perform any of the functions I need them to perform for her as needed. Sigh

I hope someone comes along and offers you the answers you are looking for.

Please keep us posted.

Debi in Georgia
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