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Thanks for your reply Debi, it did sound like the Hospice company was afraid of what Medicare would say. And I have heard of people being on Hospice care for as long as a few years! I hope that your Mom will get a continuance. Our RN said, "we base the decision on how bad the patient is on their BEST day". Maybe that will help you? I have also been told that no all Hospice companies use the same criteria, so do shop around.

My Mom is in an ALF that is having bad 'turnover' in employees. One day there was only 1 medical person for a building of 113 rooms! We hired a home health aide for 2 hrs each weekday morning. A huge help. But I can see Mom needing it every day now.

Hang in there Debi, we get a special crown in Heaven for our hard work.


"It is what it is."
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