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Default Increasing migraines with age, after migrainous stroke

Hi, I have not been on this forum for a long time. I've gotten migraines my entire life but as I've gotten older the frequency has increased. Twenty years ago, had one every year or two. Now I am getting them every week or so. I take Migranal. Two years ago I had a migrainous stroke, had temporary vision damage. Had to stop taking HRT, and developed some vision problems that turned out to be from a previously undetected problem, optic nerve hypoplasia. The blood vessels to the optic nerve are a bit smaller than they should be, because my optic nerves are slightly smaller than they should be. So, when there is any change in the blood flow in my carotid artery, it causes a visual disturbance. The symptoms are alleviated for now by taking gingko biloba. But, I digress. The migraines I've gotten my whole life are complex migraines with aura. I have a neurologist who suggested a biofeedback practitioner who also works with people to help reduce muscle tension, but the treatment is not covered by insurance, and I need to use my insurance right now. Anyway, I am looking for alternative treatments - biofeedback, relaxation, meditation, etc. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also, I am within reasonable distance of UCSF. If someone knows about the headache clinic there it would be good to hear about your experiences. Thanks very much.
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