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Originally Posted by BioBased View Post
My last PM visit was denied payment, even though I arranged it through the doctor's office. I need a new prescription for tramadol, but I hesitate to jump through the hoops of asking for an appointment. It is in the insurances companies ultimate benefit to deny us care, because settlement is based on the care you have received.

A year ago I was cut off from aqua pool PT and I went right into a major flare, because I tried to walk for exercise. Lesson learned: Do not over do.

I was forced to join a gym to do my own PT, as it is presently I can only use the stationary bike and the pool. Other equipment aggravates my CRPS. I need to take an ongoing balance class, because my body seems to forget how to maintain balance after a two-week hiatus of classes. I still cannot walk down stairs properly-the pain is too much.

Today I received a WC discontinuation of benefits informing me I am fit to work part time at a sedentary job with minimal lifting. I doubt it. I wonder who would hire me when I pass out from exhaustion. The most I am able to do is a few things per day. I tried to help my daughter look at baby carriages, but after going to the gym and tidying a single bathroom I was basically worthless to her. I had to go to bed with my foot throbbing at 3pm. The fact is standing and walking, lifting and toting may not be in my future, unless I get significant PT.

Would anyone hire a senior citizen with my issues?

My doctor gave me a letter stating that I will need to attend a gym for the rest of my life to maintain what little stamina I have. I go three days a week and pedal for an hour. I stopped the pool, because I could not do both and not having to change is easier and less painful.

My husband is going to look for a lawyer, but I am not too hopeful.

I have not been able to travel to visit my friends, because they have property that is too dangerous for me to traverse, never mind the issues of being confined for hours traveling. I had to give up gardening in my yard, because I can fall over from the terrain. No uneven surfaces are in my future.

My daughter lives in another state, in an apt building with no elevator I have not visited her once since I was afflicted. Now she is pregnant, but I am not sure how much help I can be to her, even if I manage to travel there.

I don't like griping, because compared to being bedridden 24/7 as I was I am much improved, but I sadly I am not in remission.
It is highly recommended that any worker gets an attorney, as all insurance companies will fight you to the end with their attorneys!

You need to fight fire with fire!.....There is never up front money with a WC lawyer! of luck, it will be slow....
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