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Hi Kiwi! Thanks. In real, my psychologist is a doctor suggested by the University (they sent an email asking if anyone would be interested, this happened after a student had some problems).

My psychologist liked to ask about my week, and when I told her about something that bothered me, she asked why. I think the biggest reason for some bugs is that I do not know the response. And I believe that not knowing is my biggest inconvenience.

For example, I love watching shows and movies. Sometimes things happen that annoy me at the level that I can not keep watching, but I know it's part of the drama.

How do I ask for a psychiatric analysis for me? Where I live, it's usually the family who asks the doctor.

My psychology was usually heard me, and it made me nervous, as I began to wonder what she was thinking about what I was talking about. Is there some kind of psychologist who simulates a conversation? Because I know how to deal with conversations.

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Hi Ruban

Welcome to NeuroTalk .

I can relate to much of what you have written though I am male. I am in remission from Major Depressive Disorder and Generalised Anxiety Disorder as well as (maybe) being somewhere on the Autism Spectrum Disorder range and (from psychometric testing), very smart.

Can you find a psychologist with relevant training and experience to work with you on the issues which are concerning you?

Because you are an adult you can instruct a psychologist not to discuss anything about you with your parents without your explicit consent. Disregarding your instructions would be a very serious breach of medical ethics - a psychologist who did this would probably be in legal trouble.

Best wishes.
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