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Temp now 38.9 & on its way down.... more bloods to be taken - food withheld (not hungry anyway), Clavicle Line to be removed with tip sent off for testing.

So only now they're worried where this temp is coming from. I've been telling them every day I'm throwing temps from 38.3 to 38.7 plus... This evening I was going through my daily routine of teeth chattering as I was so cold & today's new nurse said uhm hangon, is this happening a lot, as I'm asking her for my gloves to put on. I say Yes for the last few days every day, and long & short of it, it seems the panadol I'm requesting for my headache has been masking a possible infection somewhere. My gut has swelled from 84 cm to 85 then 95cm & today just now 97cm. General surgeon not happy not to have been told. But he doesn't come see me everyday, whereas the Neurosurgeon is in first thing every morning & I've been saying to him, I just feel worse each day, it's a malaise type feeling.

To get blood from my veins will be tough, they're putting heat packs onto my gloves, activating them for heat, so the veins will open as much as possible. The RSN has been summoned to take the blood... it never rains eh
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