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I know Gerry, I keep thinking of you. Pain no better today, it's quite severe & im exhausted. I'm doing everything they ask me to do, and I have to go back over this line by line to make sure the context of conversation hasn't changed.

I'm not sure about the mesh it was a surprise to me, all he said was Agrade 3 mixed with my blood cells ....

Originally Posted by ger715 View Post
Wonder if the abdominal issues has to do with the hernias your surgeon cut thru/repaired, along with the mesh?

As you may remember, I had 3 Ventral Abdominal) incisional hernias in 2015 repaired, pelvic, navel, and above navel/waist (epigastric) areas. All 3 were closed with mesh. My abdomen is still giving me problems.

Pray doctors will soon figure out why all the stomach pain, etc.

I can still remember what life was like before pain became my life long companion
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