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Default My update

So today, one of my nurses totally cracked it, she has been going home worrying over me so she paged my General Surgeon's no.2. 2 answered the page & my nurse said I've got this patient of yours in combination with a Neurosurgeon- she is spiking temps in excess of 40 every day, her haemoglobin is 76, she is having rigours, she is very unwell, she has now resorted to attempting to explain her pain in as descriptive a manner as she can - she describes her pain as reactive arthritis (she suffered this in 1987). She is doing her utmost to comply with all our directions and all the while paint a clear picture here for us of just how unwell she is. We've been waiting on you for 5 days, 5 days. 2 nights ago she was carted off in the middle of the night for all sorts of tests & activity & still I have nothing. I can see her getting worse in front of my eyes... Her temp right now is 40, she is in the midst of another rigour, what are you going to do. ....
No 2 turns up & says has GS been in here, uhm no? Voila like a magician he appears. He stands and says to me & my dear DB, I've looked at your scans & your bloods etc, you have an infection, you have a haemotoma & you need urgent blood transfusions - now. We're sending you down to radiology now for a picc line to be inserted. The haemotoma will be lanced & drained tomorrow, the most important thing is to get some blood in you, get your temp under control along with your pain (btw I notice you've halved your pain meds, I said yes) so I'm increasing your pain meds back up for 3 days.

DB left as I was going down, he looks extremely stressed, I said it's ok, it's not history repeating itself, we'll be ok xxx sigh, I hope so, this explains why I'm so dog tired, dehydrated and in so much pain.... I wonder if the rhetoric rain will stop soon lol
I can still remember what life was like before pain became my life long companion

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