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Originally Posted by kiwi33 View Post
As far as I can see it is recommended to store unopened vials in a refrigerator.

Opened vials can be stored at room temperature or in a refrigerator for up to 28 days.

I know about storage of unopened vials. I have always known that. But way back in the day I was told that once a vial was opened it still had to be refrigerated. Lol. So I always did this. My question is when the heck did this change? Or was I misinformed?

Do any of you who used to use vials , before pens came along, well did any of you ever refrigerate your opened vials?

I remember distinctly that once I started with the pens I said out loud "OH GOOD I DON'T HAVE TO REFRIGERATE ONCE IT'S STARTED. I CAN LEAVE THE PEN OUT"

To me that was the big difference. I had never been told I could leave the vials out at room temperature once they were started.





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