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I'm going home tomorrow, the new plan is I'm home for this week & next week I hope to rehab. Our lodger will tend to the pets & help me while DB is away.

I've had to push for this. They had me sign a form saying I would be in hospital for up to 35 days & that triggered all my anxieties & I realised they're not treating me, they're just controlling my medication, which as I said frankly; I don't need help with medication, I'm able to manage that very well, I'm not dependent on any drugs & the focus instead of moving me on to physio has been drug reduction.

They said to me, I'm taking less than they anticipated & began to reduce what was written up. Now because I hadn't had a Valium or Targin for 5 days they removed them. When I asked for a Valium on the weekend after a bad muscle spasm I realised what was happening & took the reins back by saying I'm discharging myself on Tuesday & you need to make arrangements for me to begin rehab. I saw 3 doctors & physio today & can see how patients fall through the cracks when there is more than 1 doctor involved, each thought the other was doing something. If I hadn't queried & pushed to go home I'd still be here come Xmas...
I can still remember what life was like before pain became my life long companion
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