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Our marriage has imploded, he started drinking again last week, but since being home from Sydney 2 days none at all. Things have been said and done in this last week. I will try to get help for myself & we are seeing a marriage counsellor this Thursday at 5. So the drinking ironically I could deal with, drunken infidelity not so much. Iím saddened beyond belief, for all the support Iíve given, it seems instead Iíve emasculated him.

The affair? The young 21yr old girl I took in, Iíve spoken to the mother today, everything she has told us has been a lie all designed to garner DB attention, he has been taken for a fool and played like a fiddle superbly. Is he feeling sad here at home, you bet ya.

I knew I was discharging myself for a reason, I suspected something was going on, a girl just doesnít have that much grief day day out. Will we work it out, I donít know, Iíve got my own life to care for now. Allegedly Iíve emasculated him by doing all that Iíve done. Guess who just asked me have the animals been fed and am I arranging tea. No & no were my answers.
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