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Hey, Jim. How are you (besides the obvious)?

This is so newly approved that I doubt many people are on it. Here is the info, for others here.

FDA Approves Soliris(R) (Eculizumab) for the Treatment of Patients with Generalized Myasthenia Gravis (gMG) | Business Wire

I'm sorry you have not found the right treatment for your MG. That's pretty scary. Are you working? Have they looked into other possible exacerbating factors such as diabetes, thyroid issues, etc.? I hope so.

Have you had any adverse reactions or symptoms on the drug? Write them down, if you do. You can be the first guinea pig!

I really hope this helps you. Have they looked at your immune system, such as IgGs, etc.?

This disease can be really tough. We either have to go on lots of meds to live somewhat normally or be on Mestinon alone and not be able to do squat.

You take care of yourself!

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