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AWESOME!!! Well, not the MG part, but the fact that Dr. Kaminski's reputation is accurate. There are some truly great neuros/MG experts out there.

I did the same thing you did, and sought out an expert. MG is an odd disease, but, IMO, that's what makes the diagnosis so obvious. Besides LEMS and CMS, MG is the only disease where muscles are fatigable.

Just don't think you're superwoman now! Give all of this some time to sink in, and take it easy. There's a lot to learn about the disease. Managing MG is an art form.

If you haven't already, go to Home to learn more. Or PubMed or any other good sources.

I urge you to find a good pulmonologist as well. I have some pdfs of articles about a MG crisis, etc., if you want them.

Thank you, Dr. Kaminski!!!

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