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Annie...your recommendation about the Pulmonologist is right on. Dr. Kaminski told me the exact same thing. I did bring him my PFT study results for review. I was already seen by a Pulmonologist following my first respiratory issue and he prescribed Azithromax and a Ventolin inhaler. I told him that I didn’t think MG patients could take this antibiotic but he said it was ok. That’s when Dr.Kaminski told me to download the “MyMG” app and reference it when doctors order new medications. He showed me his app! He bluntly told me to find another Pulmonologist! How’s that for looking out for the patient?

I have a question re: prednisone tapering. I’m on day #2 of tapering from 60mg to 50mg and feel “off”. Very tired and achy. What side effects can I expect on a prenisone taper?

My first IVIG infusions are next week, along with a chest CT to evaluate the Thymus. I want to be at my best for these infusions. Any advice here from the community would be welcome.
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