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Annie...I知 taking it very, very easy. I have to because I知 so weak and need to be well enough by Thursday and Friday to begin the IVIG infusions. I did feel chilled last night. My temperature was below normal - 96.8 with shivering. Not wanting to go to an ER with this rampant flu epidemic, I wrapped up in blankets, drank warm herbal tea and took a 3 hour nap. Felt much better afterwards.

I live in the Richmond, VA area, so any Pulmonologist recommendations would be appreciated. I値l read over all of the documents, again, thank you.

Yes, I知 in shock and trying to come to terms with what this all will mean in terms of life changes. I was employed full time prior to my health deterioration but went out on short term disability in September. I foolishly thought a six week break with rest would get me on my feet so that I could return to work! From what Dr. Kaminski told me, this upcoming year will be very difficult and I知 wondering if I値l be able to perform my high stress job again. Now, I知 faced with transitioning to long term disability in March and don稚 have the energy to deal with it. It痴 not an easy process. How long are most people out before treatments get them to a place where they can resume their lives, if ever? So many questions, I know.
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