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I guess when you say 'infect,' you mean infection. I could not tell if it was a typo. In US usage, infect is a verb, not a noun. When a bacteria infects something, it gets an infection. Maybe just a translation error. Now I understand.

I still don't understand what you mean by 'from smart phone usage.' Making a call. Playing video games, EMF from radio waves, scrolling through various screens, watching videos.....?

You sound like you have a strong need to understand every little detail.
Here are some details.
If a 1 kg object falls from 1 meter onto a resilient surface/pillow/stack of clothes:
If the resilient surface absorbs/depresses 0.1 meters, the force is 98N or 9.8Gs.
If it is depressed 0.3 meters, the force of impact is 32N or 3.2 Gs.
If it falls from 0.5 meters and depresses the pillow 0.1 meters, the force is 49N or 4.9 Gs.
If it depresses the pillow 0.3 meters, the impact force is 16N or 1.6 Gs.
9.8N is 1 G if the object is 1 kg.

The brain endures 4 Gs just walking, even more when walking down steps.

Think of head and brain like a raw egg. If that raw egg can get dropped on a surface without breaking the shell or yolk, that is a low impact force.

You head and brain can tolerate many times more impact force than a raw egg.

Where have you learned your information about concussions? Do you research online? Have you seen a presentation, TED Talk, movie, ??
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