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Originally Posted by CRPSbe View Post
I wish you well on recovery. I think PT for me was too much to handle, and I got worse during the 8 months I was having it... No other treatments were given at the time as they were still not sure what was wrong with me.

Then my orthopedic surgeon said I needed to quit PT as it was much too harsh for me, so he gave me simple exercises to strengthen my muscles back up. Took 2 to 3 years, but the muscles came back. I worked hard on that!

Sometimes easy does it, even if it takes a lot of time.
Pt definitely made me worse 2 years ago and PT can and will do harm to my arm/shoulder. I've tried and it just sends me reeling so I am trying to be really good about communicating any issues at all with my physical therapist. Some days we skip things if my leg or arm pain is flaring (some leg exercises hurt my hands or arms so I skipped those Monday because my arms were at a 9). But for the most part with my pain being a baseline 2 in my leg...I'm doing really well with everything except that one hip exercise (which I haven't repeated because even now almost 2 weeks later my hips still feel bruised and tender). My husband asked if I told them that I was never in shape or stretched BEFORE I developed CRPS...I told him to stop being a smart *****.

At any's all going pretty well. My shoulder pain is still a mess though. I have two new things coming from Amazon tomorrow that I'm hoping might help me put a little compression on the shoulder while I'm up and about WITHOUT causing extra pain elsewhere. I really need to find a solution for that if I want to return to work because it's great that my LEG can handle so much walking but by about the 60 minute mark of just walking without even using my arm...the shoulder pain gets so bad I start to see stars. Just a tiny bit of compression makes such a difference but so far all the things I've tried help my shoulder but aggravate something else so that the trade off isn't worth it. Doctors and therapists have been NO help in this regard so I have to find something on my own that either works or can be rigged up to help. I'm not giving up on this...I will find something to make it work.
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