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I still don't understand why you think your smart phone can cause symptoms."I do everyday tasks on my phone, as my PC is broken. I am aware that this has higher potential of inducing problems"

Yes, 40G is the low threshold of subconcussive impacts. BUT, subconcussive impacts are not individually a cause of injury. It takes hundreds and thousands to cause a problem. The key problem with subconcussive impacts is a person can suffer many in a short period of time without taking a break to let the cobwebs clear.

Rotational components are hard to quantify except they are not casual rotations. They are very fast as in degrees per millisecond.

Ted talks and medical papers use extremes, not normal occurrences. Millions of concussions happen each years. Less than 1% are of any concern unless they are sequential concussions in a short time.

Less than 15% of medically diagnosed and treated concussions have any symptoms past 6 weeks or so. BUT, only a small percent of concussions are ever medically diagnosed so that 15% number becomes much smaller.
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