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I feel an urge to turn away from screens, but it is diminishing.

Thank you for the statistics on occurrence of TBI. This really put things into perspective and relieves me of some of my responsibility to worry.

I have learnt that fear is very real and one has to repsect and take seriously the emotions of oneself and of others. Still I cannot help but find parts of my own hysteria amoral. I have read so many devastating stories, but also of so much strenght in dealing with them. I am very helpful you helped me in breaking the cycle of anxiety. However, my problems are so insignificant with repsect to many others.

I liked to think that I could distance myself from the information enough, now it seems arrogant of me. There are other subjects to be fanatic about.

Conclusively, I find the empathy and honesty in this forum very inspiring.From now on this I will try to focus on when instead I would be worrying about my health.

Best wishes
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