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Just popping in with another short update.

PT is going well. I have gradually moved up in difficulty in most of the exercises at therapy...which would suggest that I am getting stronger. I am really happy with my progress on that front. I hope it is enough.

I have also found something that does help my shoulder some. It's a posture corrector that just happens to put pressure on just the right spot and happily doesn't cause much in the way of additional pain (a small increase but heavily outweighed by the relief it gives my shoulder...or more accurately the prevention of the increased pain from it just not being supported. It doesn't help if I try to lift or raise the arm...that is just too much and the pain goes through the roof immediately with those activities...but at least now I can walk/stand for more than an hour without my shoulder screaming at me. I plan to order several more now.

All the pieces are starting to fall into place for me to hopefully return to work soon. I still have a ways to go, will still have to discuss whether to try a second unit for my arms...but for the moment things are looking good.

On another note...I occasionally get an odd sensation in my back where the unit is. Not painful...just uncomfortable/odd. It's hard to describe...almost like a weakness or cramp. It lasts for a day and then I don't feel it for weeks. I felt it yesterday but today I feel totally fine so I really have no idea what it could be but since it's not painful I'm not very worried about. I'll mention it to the dr next week.
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