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Originally Posted by MrPCS View Post
My son was treated for low testosterone and thyroid and his severe depression and panic attacks cleared . he is again happy and cheerful. I would have never thought that it could cause his depression!

here is a talk by a doctor specializing in Hormone Treatments that discusses the successes that hrt treatment had with depression. He treated my son so I can attest to what he says

Depression and TRT - YouTube

Please get yourselves checked! Its not standard for doctors to check hormones. There is every chance that you can get better!
Thank you for the input
I believe I to be on point
Especially in my case
Before having the natural process take its course (menapause)
And be treated seriously and accordingly
I had both breasts removed finding my cancer
Being put on tamoxifen (stopping all estrogen in my body) for almost seven years and firing my psychotherapist who remarked in his opinion it be a doubious remark
I told him I was done with the slew of antidepressants that just was not working
Then to find out I have a dna mutation “MTHFR” and in addition learned more than 50% of the population suffers from this mutation
As far as HRT my oncologist never introduced it to me or my ailing body and brain
I would bring it up and would explain it away
It is so difficult to find doctors to listen especially when someone like myself who know her body so well
I shall further look into this as it was always a gut thought
My children especially my son who suffers extreme depression
Just mentioned to him to get his hormon levels checked
Awesome to hear your son is doing well
After the few very important doctors I have to see one being a vascular doctor I shall venture into the idea
Being with the oncologist and still not cleared passed the buck over to my PCD who is also my pulmonary dr
This was his remark to me my last visit a week ago
“Well now you PCD can do the blood work necessary to check how my cancer is doing”
I lost all hope
Thanks for reaffirming my gut thoughts
someone who cares
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