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Eva, that doctor in the video treated my son. He is providing his actual observations of his thousands of patients - he isnt quoting a study that could be wrong, skewed. I recall he told my son he would fix him. and he did!!!!! The panic attacks were debilitating as was the depression. 2 psychiatrists and a psychologist diagnosed and agreed he had GAD, severe depression and anxiety attacks - thats a lifetime of potentially harmful drugs and my wife and I were devastated and scared for him. all of this is gone now. we started to see him come out of his shell and be happy and smiling a few weeks into his therapy

I personally know old one older guy 60 a good friend who just recently developed panic attacks and has been depressed for years. I encouraged him to get checked and he was found to have very low testosterone. he is feeling much better now also. I personally know of two other young guys that have been helped also. There doctors would not treat the low testosterone after we encouraged their parents to push their doc to test for it. funny thing is its a medical condition that they wont even treat if they find!

Here is a link of a young man who was in a similar situation as my son. He has recovered now after hormone treatment. his hormone issues were caused by concussions as my sons. the doc that treated my son told us depending on the person even one blow can cause issues and of course other things like trauma prolonged stress etc can cause hormone issues that may not resolved over time.

Concussions & Mental Health in Hockey | Canlan Ice Sports Scarborough & VIC PARK

Low testosterone in men can cause many ailments including depression, panic attacks, anxiety, obsessive/ruminating thoughts, osteopenia ... this is a medical fact. yet I personally know of several situations where family doctors have refused to treat it when found or had to be pushed to even do the tests! we had it happen to us also . i encourage you to read my other posts for more background where I describe minimum tests etc.

if you are in the US you can get testing done privately, in the event you cant get things going through your doc. for approx 50 $ your son can get an testosterone and estradiol tests. I will bet a coffee your son has low testosterone. 2 links for private testing are below. the first has all kinds of good info for men and women. Just remember! You wont get the proper help for you or your son unless you go to doctors that do HRT (hormone replacement therapy). Its a narrow specialty.

Defy Medical – Testosterone, Hormones, Fat Loss, Estrogen, HRT, Low T

Affordable Blood Tests - No Doctor Visit- Most US Cities | Discounted Labs

Unfortunately I dont understand womens hormones since I have only been through this with my son but its the same situation as men just different hormones. The first link above has some good info. dont expect any doctor to even mention hormones unless they are hormone aware doctors. they will sure as heck be willing to give you and antidepressant or anti-anxiety pills however !

Let me know if you have any other questions. Also, please be sure to come back here and post any progress or lack of progress in the event it can help others that are suffering!!
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