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Default Itís so deep

The dark blue waters becoming black
Deeper and deeper I go
As I hold my breath
And then a breath of nothingness
Itís all gone
The coolness of the water
The blinds keeping the sun at bay
Into the abyss I go
A new place
A place of calm
No words
Nothing to reach for as I float into nothingness
Itís doesnít hurt anymore
Free I took the leap into nothingness
Oh how much easier it is NIW
Am I lost
No I know where I am
Itís easier when there isnít anything left
All I ever wanted was to feeel happiness
Searching for it has come to an end in the world that lives
How far will I fall deeper and deeper I go
To find my way I have drifted it doesnít matter
I did my very best
Donít I get a turn
Donít I matter
Only in my Fathers eyes
Asking to be held so tightly
So it be the only thing I feel
Countering all that has happened
I have learned so much
Put it into practice
And the monster keeps coming after me
Jumping in is all I have left to do
Deeper and deeper I go into the abyss
Whatís in the other side
Who lives in this world of nothingness
Calmly I float
And then I take a breath
Iím here never to have left
Oh come and take me
It hurts to move ahead
Iím lost in this place I once knew
Afraid I am
To live like this anymore
She comes to me and I have one more
One more to raise
Donít let it come and get her
I am her everything
The light has come back on when she walks over to me and say
I love you mimma
someone who cares
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