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Hi Natalala,

Dental xrays are only 2 dimensional. This means they are of limited use when trying to diagnose the location of a dental implant in relation to the bundles of nerves. It may be helpful for her to have a dental CT scan, which offers a multi dimensional view, to see the exact location of that implant. Removal of that implant would depend on it's location in relation to the main nerve supply. I would not personally rely on a 2 dimensional dental xray for a proper diagnosis in this case.


Originally Posted by natalala View Post
Hi dear Bryanna!
My mother had this issue with the placement of an implant and the first person i though of asking is you.
She was operated for putting 8 implantes and one of them affected her nerve so she has numbness in her lowrr jaw since 2 weeks. The dentist took xray and said they should wait, but wouldn't be a better idea to remove the implant thst is pinching the nerve to allow the recovery? If it isnt the case that the nerve was completely destroyed hopefully.
Many thanks and many blessings for you dear bryanna,
Natalia from Argentina

***I have been in the dental profession for over 3 decades. I am an educator, trainer and extensively experienced in chair side assisting and dental radiography. The information that I provide here is my opinion based on my professional experience and is not meant to be taken as medical advice.***
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