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Originally Posted by Snoopy View Post
Wow! A blast from the past

Good to see you back Cindy How are you?

You came to the right website for help, MS or some other Neurological problem.

It's kind of quiet on the MS forum nowadays
Thanks, LA, doing okay, thanks. Yes, my friend was reeling with questions and the usual so I knew right where to send her. I imagine she's immersed in the TN forums as I type.

Originally Posted by Debbie D View Post
AMN, I really don't think I could eat all of that popcorn...
just direct your friend to informative sites...
DD, no offense but you weren't offered any popcorn, it's for ME.

Originally Posted by kicker View Post
AMN!!!! So nice to "hear" your voice.
Good to be heard, Kickie!

Originally Posted by Kitty View Post
Wow! An AMN sighting! I hope you were able to help your friend with their diagnosis.

But inquiring minds want to know.....where are you going to put your water??

Thanks, Kelly, yes, she has found the forums quite helpful. The water? To wash my dainties! Duh.

Originally Posted by ewizabeth View Post
Hey Nappy, I miss your humor!
Hey yerself, Wiz, so do I, so do I!

Originally Posted by kicker View Post
Not one Peeps posting this Easter. AMN, I miss you.
LOL, Kickie, I can't believe you remember that, it was a hundred years ago!

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