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Thanks for asking Nicki. Amanda is doing well at school. I think I was a little more nervous than needed to be. She is all laid back and enjoying it like always. Me, I was the mess. But its all good. Josh my son went away for his Jr. and Sr. years so Miss Mango and I are all alone here now. We are surviving.

Her pump is fine. We just keep filling it like clock work every 2 months and keep on chuggin. I am noticing her spasticity getting worse the older she gets. I figure we are gonna be due to turn her up again soon. I hate that because that means more pump refills. But what ya gonna do?

She came down with Mono last April. She lost about 10 lbs. We have been struggling to get her weight back up. She looks like a little skeleton. We just keep trying to push the food.

I hope you are doing well too. I can see why the pump would be a big decision for you. Always have to make the right decision for YOU. Any thing I can help with you just let me know. K?

HUGS and welcome back.

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